The premiere of the Papua New Guinea Two Worlds


The premiere of the Papua New Guinea Two Worlds - " PAGI " movie took place at the Faculty of Science in the building B (B2).

Twenty years ago, Czech biologist professor Vojtěch Novotný founded a center for the research of tropical ecology in Papua New Guinea.

Pagi Toko is in the third year of his PhD studies at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. One day, he'll replace professor Novotný at the helm of the research center. He's an entomologist, a father of three children, a husband and a manager. His family comes from the Fore tribe where the tradition of ritually eating their deceased had been upheld until the 1960s. Pagi's grandmother is one of the last living witnesses of the kuru disease. Pagi's father died early and afterwards, Pagi's mother and her two sons had to struggle. However, fortune smiled on their family and thanks to his talent and the help of his relatives, Pagi became a role model for local children. Pagi took the audience to a remote mountain village called Jagyjes where no foreigner has set foot for 30 years, but also to České Budějovice where he's studying for his PhD.