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We focus on glycobiology of ticks and tick-borne pathogens and protein-saccharide interactions important for the process of tick feeding and infection of tick vector and the vertebrate host. We participate on projects studying glycobiology of other organisms as well. Furthermore, bio-activation of surfaces and deposition of bioactive molecules is studied.

Services are offered in the frame of the C4SYS research infrastructure. If you are interested in our services, contact us through the C4SYS webpage:

Analytical services

Glycolab provides a wide range of glycobiology analyses. Samples provided by the customer can be analysed or sample manipulation and preparation can be accomplished in the laboratory as well. The exact preparation of the sample and sample requirements for analyses must be consulted prior their submission.

Glycan identification using Schiff staining and lectinoblotting

The presence of glycoproteins can be assessed in any material by Schiff staining and additional analysis using Western blot, fluorescent microscopy etc. More exact determination of the glycan nature can be accomplished by lectinoblotting using a range of lectins. The identified proteins can be further purified or identified by mass spectrometry. Also, glycan structures can be determined using mass spectrometry. Cells containing glycoproteins can be specifically labelled by Schiff staining or lectins and enriched using a cell sorter.

Glycoprotein and glycan purification and identification

Glycan or glycoprotein purification from a complex sample can be performed using chemical immobilization or lectin affinity chromatography. Several approaches are possible depending on the analyses following the purification.

Bioorthogonal labelling and host-vector-pathogen interactions

Bioorthogonal labelling of proteins, glycans, or lipids can be performed in cell cultures or also in vivo (e.g. using artificial feeding system for ticks). This metabolic labelling provides a labelling technique most similar to the natural conditions. The bioorthogonally labelled molecules can be further detected, purified, and identified using Click reaction with a selected reaction partner (wide choice of commercially available molecules including fluorescent dyes).

Glycobiology of infectious pathogens

GlycoLab has access to BSL2 laboratory space and BSL3 laboratory is also available and thus all the above mentioned services can be provided for infectious organisms as well.